Nickel and Dimed

1. Finding a place to live within the budget. Living in either a flophouse or trailer.

2. Do everything as well as you can. Well is not good enough. That the workers were too smart for the jobs that they had. I was most surprised when the co-worker said “next they’re not going to let us have sex on the job”.

1. Ehreneich is just a middle class investigative reporter worker at a dead end job and quits because she will be able to make more money at Jerry’s while Tomoyuki Iwashita is worker in a high class job and quit because of it’s corrupt ways.

2. Ehreneich talks about how the working conditions have a lot of pressure and rules while al-Shaykh is more focused on the rights of the female workers.

1. I found workers who work two jobs more compelling because I myself have worked two jobs and ended up still not making enough myself. She really showed how with even working two jobs. Workers can still not get by in America.

2. It didn’t really change my preconceptions considering I am one. I had to work 3 jobs this summer and barley was able to pay my rent and I am now broke and looking for a job. I’ve worked with people who have been through hard times and had a lot of trouble finding a job and ended up with a job like working at a cemetery under the table for seven dollars an hour as a forty year old father with no wife to help with his daughter.

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