1. It shows that there were so many different things that came from other countries and those countries probably got there ideas from other cultures. We think that everything is an American invention but really very little has come from America compared to the rest of the world cultures.

2. Waking up, going to the bathroom, organizing the bedroom, checking the weather, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and going to work.

3. He doesn’t seem very Pro-America but he has a great point about the presumptions Americans make. His purpose for writing this was to show us how everything we use is originated from other cultures. I wouldn’t say everything but there certainly is a lot from other cultures. He seems to almost forget The United States invented electricity.

1. I would show the rest of the man’s life and identify the different foods he ate from different cultures throughout the day, Like eating Taco’s from Mexico or spaghetti from Italy. He might have some ice cream which is from China. Then he would come home and use some soap in the shower which was invented in Africa. He would then go to bed and that would be the end of his day.

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    Good, thanks!

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