Dreaming in Chinese

1.) She got through the security by using body language and acting natural and confident as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She studied Chinese body language and learned about how it’s harder to tell by their tone but when you looked at their body language it was easier to tell. Her husband was asked by the guard for his passport. He showed them his driver’s license an  she said her magnetic key card and said it was for her apartment in  Beijing and was let through.

2.) I wouldn’t try what Fallows tried in America, it would not work. Just make sure you are doing everything you should and act relaxed.

3.) That they didn’t have heat in public schools. I think that’s pretty ridiculous.

4.) I would warn them about the driving laws definitely because it could be dangerous if they do not understand them.

5.) Having to carry a passport at all times.

6.) Drinking under the age of 21 and drug violations like possession, intent to sell, substance abuse exc.

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1 Response to Dreaming in Chinese

  1. oneworldcommunity says:

    Good response Al, thanks!

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