Social Norms in Different Cultures

Social Norms: The Western World vs. The Rest

Different culturs have different social norms that many of outsiders may think to be odd. Some other cultures may get offended by some of our social norms and we also may be offended or appalled by their social norms.

In Malaysia it is very common for someone to eat something like rice with their bare right hand. The reason why they eat with their right hand and not their left is because they use their left hand to take care of bathroom needs. So it’s understandable why they would get offended if you used your left hand to shake hands. In middle-eastern countries, many females wear a Vail. It is not just a religious peace of clothing but a cultural peace of clothing, just how in America, we wear jeans.

When many foreigners come to the western world they are shocked at the clothing Americans wear. We do not always cover much of our bodies and they think that is offensive while Americans think it’s completely normal.

I think people need to be less ignorant and more understanding of other cultures. Even if you didn’t know about the social norm, if you see something that’s different, don’t judge it. Be a little less narrow-minded and accept people for who they are instead of judging them and assuming things when in reality you don’t know anything, you’re just talking out of your ass.

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9 Responses to Social Norms in Different Cultures

  1. David Gilcrest says:

    You’re kinda dumb.

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    internet site, genuinely helped me keep away from some
    uncomfortable scenarios. Alot of excellent ideas .

  3. Aly says:

    I was trying to read this with an unbiased mind, but your spelling and grammar is just, atrocious. I couldn’t even finish. Please, next time you post an educational article on the internet, get someone to check it for you.

    • alkreis says:

      You do realize that I didn’t take any time to edit this, knowing myself back in my freshmen year of college. This was just for a class I took 2 years ago and it was a small assignment that I bullshitted… get your head out of your ass, snob. PEOPLE STOP TAKING THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY

      • Chrissy says:

        so you’re telling us not to judge people by what they look like or act like, but you’re judging this person by what they say? seems legit.

      • alkreis says:

        yes because what you say is an accurate assessment of character.. more than what someone would look like. Never said anything about how people act. AND LASTLY I BULLSHITTED THIS ENTIRE THING IT WAS FOR SCHOOL HOLY FUCK LOL

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